Using Photos from other websites


I had the same problem a few months ago. There are paid and free options to get nice pictures for your website or blog. I created a list of more than 30 websites, where you can download high-quality pictures for free.

You can find the list here:

Hope it helps!:slight_smile:


There are numerous photo websites, like and, which provide FREE images. However, their photos are better off being used as cover pictures or as a background. You wouldn’t be able to find specific pictures of your subject matter in those sites.

You may also use those posted at Wikimedia Commons, particularly those under the Creative Commons license (though you’ll have to credit the source).

Don’t use Getty - unless if you want to be rocked by a demand letter.

Getty is way too expensive. If you want paid, I’d go for istock or shutterstock.
If free go for somewhere like

What a great blog post, thanks for this, some great websites in here, well chuffed :smile:

Use some free images sites like pixabay, freeimages. This will help you and most important is it completely spam free is probably my fav site for free images :slight_smile: