User requirements for a website

Hi Everyone

Ok, although I am adequate at creating websites with usability in mind, I need to specify (in a document) things like target age group, skills needed, training to use the website etc.

I have only wrote one of two sentances on each, and I really would like to expand, but I cant think of anything.

Just wondering if anyone could point me to a web page discussing these points?


Myself Bihan.
I am a professional website maker.
Can you mail you your requirement details?
I will help you.
You can mail me

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Instead of mailing someone, please conduct the discussion here on the forum, so that all members may benefit from it.

bopo - what exactly are you trying to achieve with your document. Who is it aimed at? What is it’s purpose?

Well basically, its just to intentify who the website is targeted at, and what they require to use the website.

Below is a example of what I have put so farm but like I said I really want to expand, but cant think of anything to discuss.



This website is targeted at a age group of 13 or over, this is due to users must be to able to read and understand Standard English.

Hope it helps!

still confuse about ur requirement can u make it more clear

Ok so you need some thoughts on your target audience and why the site is built the way it is?

Target audience
What sort of content does the site have and why?
How is the content presented, what methods were used, and why?
How did you ascertain the audience to 13+?
What factors influenced the design/layout/style?

What users require
How did you define the needs of your users?
Did you run accessibility and usability tests on the site?
If the site usable, easy to navigate and easy to understand the content?
Is the site accessible irrespective of any user disability or wht browser is being used?
If the site requires registration what measures are in place to safeguard users personal information?

Is that the sort of thing you wanted?