Need a URL Expert who can tell me why this is happening

Hello All:

I am hard coding links by appending some URL’s for tracking purposes however, the url’s that have the anchor do not anchor down to the name. I know it is because of the append on the end of the URL because when I take out the append, after the & part, the url works as it should, but I cannot explain why.

An example of the URL would look like, bla bla

Does anyone know why the append affects anchors and can is there a workaround for URL appending?

Thanks for any help or advice on this,


Thanks Steve!

That was it. I never knew that the browser was going to change the load order based on what was in the URL.

never had to deal with that before…

Works now, thanks for the insight and help with this,


? and & are special characters in URLs.

Am I right in thinking that you want to serve a page called “widgets.htm” with a tracker of CMM_blah_blah, and jump to name/id 7?

If so, it would need to be widgets.htm?CMM_blah_blah#7 in that order. Because the page name is “widgets.htm?CMM_blah_blah” (even though the server isn’t going to change the page because of the query), and then you tell it to jump to #7.