Urgent: How to calculate cost?


I am not sure if this belongs here. If not then please move it and sorry for the extra work.

I have to design a site and have to provide cost estimate to one of my clients today. I have everything ready like analysis and what (roughly) database schema etc will I need. So, I can see how much work it is.

It will be PHP/MySQL.

What is the general pricing scheme currently? How can I calculate the cost and see what to charge the client? I know it depends on app or how big it is but if there is an example that I can see then that will help me compare my app and decide the price.

I don’t want to overprice and drive the customer away. And on the other side I don’t want to underprice and then have to work more.

Any help is appreciated. I need to send this today.


How is this any different to any other project you’d price up? What’s so special that you are struggling to come up with a price on this one? Sit down and estimate the hours it may take, and take it from there. If you’re not confident, quote hourly with a ball park estimate if total costs.

Also, consider whether you should be rushing to give a price. If you don’t feel conformable, just tell the prospect you need a day or so to work things out to give them a more realistic estimate.


This is the same issue that I come across everytime and in the past I have mostly underestimated the price.

So, was wondering what is the right way to do it.

I guess your suggestion, calculating how many hours and then use that to calculate cost, will help me to rethink on how I calculate prices.


When I need to figure out a price for a project I first break the project into blocks and then create a price for each block independently.

For example:

  • Design
  • Convert design to (X)HTML and CSS
  • Information pages (just some photos, text and links, etc)
  • Contact form
  • Guest book
  • etc …

When I’ve got the price for the different blocks the price for the project is obviously the sum of the prices of the blocks.
Then I look at that final price to see if I’m happy with it. If not, I see which block price I need to adjust.

Does that help?

Thanks and it does. :slight_smile:

Did you see the pricing sticky in the forum?

So, calculate it as usual then add 50% :slight_smile: