Please help me define pricing model for this project


I am developing a dynamic web site for a client.

The web site will have five static web pages. I do not think there will be much difference from one page to another in terms of layout.

I will be developing three dynamic features:

  1. Members Directory
    Admin can add/edit/delete members
  2. Events Management System
    Admin can add/edit/delete events
  3. Blogging System
    Admin can add/edit/delete blog posts

There will be a central administration system for managing the dynamic features.

I have designed two sample templates for the client. I have also done some minor work for her other websites. She has promised to pay me $100 for the work I have done so far.

I am worried I may sell my skills for a very low price. She knows that I am a student, but I have been designing for the web since last six years.

I would appreciate your advice on negotiating a fair price.


You make some good points but I think it’s important to know what your competitors charge. If you don’t know where you fall in the marketplace, how can you compete? Whether you like it or not, you are competing with others and being compared to other peoples standards.

Definitely get people’s advice, I’m not saying not too but my spin is you must keep in mind the personal qualities or the experience of others is something that you don’t have. Get peoples advice by all means, just don’t be afraid to throw that advice away. Criticize all the self professed professionals, especially in this industry. The best advice is proven, logical and to contradict that, feels right (: The feeling part is when you know it’s right for you.

I charge an hourly rate based on what I want to earn and how many days I want to work a week. Not based on what others charge, but definitely based on solid logical advice that makes sense (to me at least). What do you want to earn? how many days do you want to work? It’s logical, not based on a bunch of other peoples assessments of their own self worth.

What is it with people and always scared of pricing? go $1k for each thing plus anything in between or…

Get your hourly rate, estimate each bit by specifically working out how long each sub-task will take. Such as the add member function will take 2 hours. Then add some debugging time to the total, never forget this! then… double it! Always double it or add plently of padding to task you are not so sure about. Especially if you don’t know or constantly, like many of us developers, under quote. Once you get sure, by tracking your time you can be more accurate.

Going against the grain here, again. Who cares what your competitors quote, you aren’t them. Don’t judge yourself by other peoples standards. They could be way way faster than you, already have a script ready to go or something else. And finally, charge what you feel happy with. If you feel guilty charging 50k, then that will sit with you forever! if you charge too less, you will feel it later whent he bills come in.

Don’t forget you can utilise existing open source scripts for your project, especially if the client has a low budget. For example, use Wordpress for the blog and maybe an off-the-shelf template. You then just charge to set it all up and tweak.

I would advise you follow alex’s advice regarding finding your place in the market and charging similar fees to the competition. But at the same time, try to find a UPS (unique selling proposition), something that sets you apart from the crowd. Best ones normally involve targeting niches (certain industries, or specialising in installing certain open source software etc). Avoid just trying to be the ‘cheapest’ :slight_smile:

And before you waste too much time, you might also try asking the client what their budget is for the project, just a ball park.

Look to your competitors (who have equal experience and are doing the same job) to determine what is a fair price based on the market your working in. It’s an easy indisputable way to highlight to your clients why the rates your charging are fair (as per what she would be charged going with someone else). That’s my advice! :slight_smile:

These are some very good ideas!

I think it is important to find the market rate to see how everyone else is doing. In the end, what sets you apart is your unique selling proposition. Of course, sometimes you are only interested in what can keep “you” happy.

Coming from a very rigid programming background, I always thought doing cost/benefit analysis is not my skill. I realize it is mainly a matter of being confident, and expressing your thoughts openly.

a friend of mine hes been doing webdesign and he told me is to get a qoute then im pretty sure you can find out how much this particular project would cost is by contacting some local webdesign firms and get a qoute on how much it would cost then you can set a reasonable price if your strong in programming then i’d suggest outsource design or if you can do both you can keep all profit for yourself.

So Above should help you get a better idea on how to set your price im sure others would say different

While I agree with you in certain respects, if you have no idea as to what feels good to you (which often seems to be the case in these forums), I find advising people to look towards others can be helpful in gauging an idea as to how other people work. I’m not saying match that price (at all), I’m simply saying that it can give you a clue as to a possible median point to work from, you can decide based on your own skillset as to what you’re worth (and hopefully it’s more than your competitors!). :slight_smile: