Updating Local Database during testing


I’m at the point in the development of my first dynamic website where I’m going back and forth between my local testing server and my site up on the Great World Wide Web. I successfully uploaded my “test” database from my computer up to the internet. My question, that I’m hoping someone can answer is how to I can go the other way. In particular, my internet database name is “kreut” while my local database name is “algebrabook”. Is there a way that I can overwrite anything in my algebrabook database with my new entries that I put up on the web; both databases have the same exact table names and structures.

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sure there’s a way

extract the data from your web database, reformatting it if necessary into INSERT statements, then execute the sql file against your local database after having deleted all the rows in your local database

in mysql this is fairly trivial, because the dump utility program uses INSERT statements by default

what system are you using? i think i recall from one of your earlier threads that it’s microsoft access, in which case you could just copy the entire .mdb file and overwrite your local file

Exactly what I’ needed…and I think that you did in fact help me with a Query not too long ago! :slight_smile:


PS it’s MySql that I’m using.

FYI please note we have a Databases forum and a MySQL forum, and if you’re using MySQL you really should post there – the Databases forum is for all the others