Mysql raw import

I have a Vbulletin forum that I would like to migrate to another platform. For that I need to do all sorts of testing on my local development machine. I tried importing a mysqldump produced by both the VB admin section, and the host’s cpanel backup tool.
When I try to import the dump to a local database using this command
mysql -u username -p database < dbdump.sql
I keep getting all sorts of error (such as duplicate entries etc)
Is there a way to just dump and restore a db on a binary level? I’d like to just make a raw duplicate of the db as is without getting Mysql to evaluate every line of code

does this help?

I was looking for a way that wouldn’t involve my host, but then I thought what the heck that’s what they are there for… anyways I asked them to gzip me the actual MYSQL file, they did and now I got a copy of the DB on my local machine. Thanks for that!