Updating CSS changes directly on the webserver


I use firebug for CSS tweaks, its great and I’m happy. The only problem is that once everything is fine, you can’t save the changes directly, you need to change it in your CSS file offline and FTP to your web server. Is there a way to update the CSS directly on the server when you feel its okay?

There is a tool that does so, but it has got nothing to do with FireBug, its called Stylizer, I personally didn’t like it but its capability to update the CSS directly on the server is good.

Is there any add-on for firebug (Free or commercial) that can connect it to the CSS file over the web server using the FTP credentials?


hey thanks for the link you provided. Check the following firebug extension:
and its documentation here:

It was in the comments of the link you provided. I’ve not tried it yet, but it says it overwrites the .css files on the server.


Just installed it. It’s a little annoying, though. Download the plugin, download a php file for your server, then you have to set the permissions of the stylesheets you want to be able to edit to be editable by the server… :-/

I’ve looked and haven’t found anything either. :frowning:

Personally, I use the Web Developer Toolbar for FireFox in conjunction with FireBug to do several other things that FireBug can’t/won’t, including editing & saving the CSS.

Here’s a site that explains how to do it.