Working with a local CSS for a live site?

Hello, I want to do the following:

  • Work with a live site on a remote server, but use local CSS files (instead of the remote ones) which I can edit+save on my PC, and see the results on my browser live.

  • I may want to completely replace the remote CSS files with my own, or build on top of the existing CSS files (and change them or add to them)

  • The live site should remain unaffected. I will upload the new CSS files once I am finished with local development.

I am aware that tools like Firebug allow for tweaking the CSS files on the fly, but do they allow me to save the result locally? Or replace the site’s CSS files with different ones? etc…

Thanks for any help

It’s not possible—so far as I know—unless your computer is set up as a server. But really, there’s no point in doing this. A better option would be to set up a testing environment on your computer—using something like WAMP if you are on a PC—and test the changes on the site locally. (That is, copy the site onto your computer and test the changes in WAMP—or MAMP on a Mac.) Then upload the style sheet when you are happy with it.

Unless you have a site that is php pages, the real question is what’s the problem???

Everyone builds their site on their own computer, tweaks things and uploads them. Then experiments with things on the home pc before uploading any changes. Why can’t you do this?

Also, you can edit a css file in the browser with web developer toolbar, noting the changes that work, then implement them in the local copy of the css file and test them at home, before uploading them.

So again, why can’t you do this?

And if you do have a php powered site, well I currently use usbwebserver from to run a home test server to develop such sites.

Do you means something like this.