What is the best CSS editor both Free and commercial?


What CSS editor can show live changes while modifying the CSS codes?

Thanks in advance.

Your browser. :smiley:

@ralph_m ;

I think I saw one before.
You can see changes immediately (live) while you are typing the codes.
I just forgot the name of it.
If I will found it again.
I’ll share it here, so everyone benefit.

I think this one?


Still looking…

Is firebug good for CSS?

I may have been a little cheeky above, but serious at the same time. You don’t need any addons to use your browser this way. I love the way you can edit your CSS in the Chrome developer tools and see the results as you type in the browser. You can save your changes to your actual code too, though I haven’t learned how to do this myself yet.

@ralph_m ;

Thanks for the input.

Actually I’m looking for the best CSS editor out there.
I’m interested to know how to save CSS codes using Chrome browser, how to do that?

@ralph_m ;

I think this will teach us.

I’m learning, I’m learning… lol

Is firebug good for CSS?

More: excellent! :slight_smile:

  • With one rightclick you can see (and edit) the html of an element, and in the meantime see (and edit) the css in the right window. Firebug shows all the css of the element: the id-css, the class-css, the general element-css, and the inherited css as well as the inherited/overruled css. [U]See screenshot 1[/U].
  • The other way: you can edit a complete stylesheet and add or change styles in it. With Ctrl-A you get the whole new stylesheet, copy/paste it as your new local css-file, upload it and ready. [U]See screenshot 2[/U].

I guess Firebug is comparable with the Chrome Dev Tools.

@Francky ;
I’ll try to use them both.

And compare them.

Yes, that’s the video I was thinking of, but didn’t have time to google it. Good find. :slight_smile:

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I do wish those vids had captions :sigh:

i suggestion notepad ++ it has syntax hinting and just generally is good… regrettably it doesn’t have a built in code hinter and rely’s on plugins… notepad++ is open source software which you can get at http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ :slight_smile:

I use html editor from coffeecup.com. Does css as well and there is a free trial.


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Yes, that’s a bummer, although there is a button for turning on captions … though the automatically generated ones are usually not very good.

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caption button[/CENTER]

Thank you, Francky. The captions must have been added since the vid initially appeared. I never thought to look again. Thanks very much.


you could use dreamweaver, but i guess that would be a little too much just for css. :slight_smile: I also use notepad++, its a good program for editing css files.