Unusual interface/theme for Wordpress required

Hello I’m currently developing a wordpress site for a company i’m working for. The site is basically going to be used for internal purposes and to be used as a manual for new workers. They want something with a interface on the front page to get from 1 page to the next so it flows. I’ve not came across any theme that can seem to do this that suits there needs.

To describe it better, imagine the user is goes onto the website, and begins the training, they link the first link and read that first article, they can then go to to the next section. but if they want they can come out into a hub like layout where they can see the following steps.
I’ve no idea if this exists but if anyone can give any suggestions I would be most grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Wordpress is very much flexible and customizable as par requirement but it needs some knowledge about wordpress. You have not mentioned clearly about the user admin panel. My suggestion is check out some plugins from wordpress org similar to your requirement and move ahead with that with the features and facilities available to a user.