No opportunity to progress

Hi there

After building coldfusion websites in my spare time for about 3 years I was lucky enough to get a position as a junior developer in london. I have been here for about 9 months, and really enjoy the job and atmosphere. Thing is, that there doesnt seem to be any clear opportunity for progression in the future, and its pretty hard to survive in london on a junior developer salary.

I asked my line manager if there would be chance to move up to mid-level after a year of service and he said yes, and that he would talk to HR, but that was about 2 weeks ago, and since then nothing else has been mentioned.

I love where I work, but would it be sensible to start looking for somewhere else after a years employment here, or am I being a big eager?


IMHO there’s nothing wrong with looking. If you’re unhappy where you are, because of pay or for any other reason, you should look.

Looking, too, doesn’t mean that you will be quitting next week, it just means that you are exploring options. If you don’t find anything you like better, then you don’t have to move at all.

Hope that helps.

I think that you must spend some more time in the company where you are working! because in any part of the world only the professional experience considered as compare to free lance! so its nice oppurtunity for you to serve as junior developer and learn several new things or development made in this field beside all you must concentrate over further studies that can also enable to find any other opportunity relavant to your work

in this competitive …global outsourced world with eco crisis…oppurtunities doesnt come to your door and calls you
its you to create oppurtunity for yourself…
broaden your skills …seeks for newer ways out
think of market of coldfusion compared to other languages…

atleast you are lucky bcoz of your location …
so rather than being sad and waiting for things to happen think of making things happen

Good post Benny, I agree entirely, just as a side note… if you’re going to look at potential work options, don’t look for jobs at work! Your bosses may be keeping an eye on your machine (depending on where you work) and you don’t want them to think your dumping them on their own time. There’s lots of opportunities out there, having a good look around always gives you the option to leave if you don’t get the promotion you feel you deserve. :slight_smile:

Hi there, thanks very much for your feedback…

Yeah, i feel that a bit more experience here would be necessary, but think I will keep my eyes out for other opportunities, because I think I deserve a promotion in future, and dont want to remain somewhere if those chances arent present…

Will start looking now ha ha


I’m just adding what others said but there’s nothing wrong looking around. From my experience in IT, promotion within the company doesn’t really have any value. Unless you’re going into Management then the promotion value kicks in. Many times, you do get promoted but you’re still doing the same stuff and maybe 5% salary increase. These days, you get promoted with 0% salary increase. It happened to me and thus…left the company. However, I landed a job due to the new title I’ve earned ^_^. In any case, we no longer live in an age where people are married to their jobs. We’re in an age, you need to move around every 3~5 years. People have more respect for someone who worked in various industry. Also, moving around every year doesn’t look too good either. If I were you, I’d stay at least 3 years since you like the environment and work.

Hi sg707, I can see what your saying.

I suppose, in this circumstance, the only thing that is driving me is the high cost of living in london, and the fact that I feel capable of fulfilling a role senior to junior level in the next couple of months…

If I was comfortable on my current wage I would have no desire to move anywhere really, but its a bit difficult in this city…

We can create opportunity and make a good prepareation for it.

Very true golden