Unable to utilize FA icons in simple page

Hi there!

I’m trying to set up Font-Awesome icons on a page and I’ve brought in the css and tried a simple icon in the top nav bar but for some reason, it’s not displaying properly. I’ve done a ton of googling but am not having any luck figuring out what I’ve done wrong: https://bicyclio.com/index.php

Any insight on what I’m doing wrong would be most welcome. The page checks out on the W3 validators.

Thanks for your time!

Solved, thanks for the help.

For the benefit of others, please post your solution.

Did you try the w3.org Jigsaw CSS Validation?

Hi there John, I should have edited the post to clarify that it was completely down to my not understanding that FA has a list of “free” icons and “pro” icons. I was trying to use an icon not intended for the unwashed masses. Replacing my choice of icons with one designated as free resolved my particular issue.

When using the W3 services, I’ve always used https://validator.w3.org/ and https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ . For some reason when using those two, both resulted in green text. I’m guessing I’ve upgraded my fa and bs , causing the difference in validation.


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