Bootstrap: question with different icons

I just came to know about awesome fonts which some how modifies the view of icons! Pretty interesting stuff. which also means I’m having trouble customizing them.

Okay the thing is I would like to use one of

Glyphicons Pro Icons found in the following link

in place of existing “Font Awesome Icons” (please see the attached file where I want to use it).

I tried but it didn’t turn out very well. The size of “Glyphicons Pro Icons” is bigger, It’s not taking CSS styles that “Font Awesome Icons” is using. Just want to know if that is possible to use?



We’d need to see a link to the page to work out what’s happening. If the styles are not working then check you have added them correctly and after the original styles.

Use Firebug (or other developer tools) to see where the styles are being applied from and why yours aren’t working.