Slightly stuck with giving dimension and color to font awesome

This is the Live URL
Despite I have given the dimension to font-awesome it is yet not visible?

Please guide me where I am faltering?
even this doesn’t fix it.


Font-Awesome is, like the name says a font :slight_smile: So yo have to increase the font-size instead of the elements size to make it bigger.
And it makes no sense to modify the fa.fa-motorcycle class itself. Put your font.size to the element which holds the icon

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Didn’t get it you mean a. I tried, but that also didn’t work.

I took a quick look at your website and for me it looks like there is no class fa fa-motorcycle. So are you sure you installed font awesome correct and its accessibly?

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Thanks, but tell me how come its nearby sibling login has fontawesome working?

The one that is visible and the one that is not visible the difference is of pseudo-element used ::before
I tried pseudo-element on motorcycle one, but could not get through.

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