U.S Business Presence for Non U.S Citizens

This is how you can have your own business presence is U.S - No Matter where your from! I am just showing you how to get your own U.S merchant account by posting few details.

Offcourse! you need to know something before opening Merchant Account or U.S bank account for accepting credit card payments.

Most Merchant Account providers ask for U.S Business presence, U.S Address, U.S Bank Account and Social Security Number.

So do you think it’s imposible for you to get above mentioned by just using Internet ?

Then answer is NO! you can get all the above packages very easily, It takes almost 400$ for having U.S Business Presence in delaware state (INC or LLC) but you also need U.S mail address and Social Security Number then you need to pay more.

Check out these websites which offers these services

U.S Business Presence : http://www.valisinternational.com

Google Search : Delaware Company

U.S Mailing Address : http://www.myus.com

U.S free phone number : http://www.k7.net

Before signing up on above websites please read more about there services & offers, clear your doubts by emailing them your questions or talk to them on the phone.

Once you get your U.S business Presence package you can then open Bank Account in U.S by providing your U.S address details and SSN(social security number)

Even some merchant providers don’t even ask for SSN they just need your U.S business presence address and bank account details.

Eg : you can signup on cardservices international.

You can even transfer your payments from paypal to your U.S bank account instantly and withdraw it through your U.S bank visa debit/credit card.

I am posting the above material in interest of Non - U.S citizens who wants to accept credit card payments online from good payment processors like Authorize.net and linkpoint.

Important : I am not affiliated to any of the above material websites which i posted.

Etrade is another bank as well that our clients have had success in opening a bank account with. Sometimes, if one company cannot help, the other company can

I just wanted to point out that authorize and linkpoint are not payment processors, they are payment gateways.

Thanks a lot.
This is the one i was looking for coz i’m a non american.

How do you get a SSN not living in the US?
Don’t you mean EIN?
BTW, besides of Etrade, which other bank accept to open bank account to non-american owned business without a physical presence on the bank?

The services that asks for SSN, you can give EIN to them. Since non-americans can’t get SSN, you are right, but can get EIN (Employee Indetification Number) i.e. equivalent to SSN.

The company which opens LLC for non-us, they will respond to the queries made to ur LLC (Limited Liability Company)

you can get SSN and even EIN if you pay, but like someone said SSN is equivalent to EIN.

I talk to Etrade customer care they are not accepting any new brokerage accounts without SSN.

The only and best way to open bank account in U.S is to have U.S business presence which starts above $375.

You might talk to them eTrade again. Unfortunately with the larger companies - information is not disseminated properly. We just had one client open an eTrade account last week without a social security number

Hey, now why in the world would I want to open a bank account in the US???
Websites are global and international payment systems work just fine.
Besides, paying taxes in one country is enough.

Because if you need a merchant account and work with authorizeNet, you need a business bank account in the US.

My sympathies…

If you use services like PayPal, you can’t just withdraw money if you are in a certain country. They don’t give you EFT option, nor do they send you a check. This is one of reasons why you want to have a US business presence along with a US bank account.

I’d like ask the following question to the original poster (or anyone who’s familiar with this).

Let’s say that you already have a company formed in US. Let’s say that you already have a business bank account. However, you want to operate in non-US country for a period of time (e.g., you always wanted to spend some time in France while you keep running your internet business from there).

q1. If you want to get (virtual) office address along with mailing address, phone number and fax number, how much does it cost to get all these yearly? Ball park?

q1.2. If you include mail forwarding service, then how much does it cost yearly? Ball park?

Let’s say that some people or some businesses only make payments via check; consequently, those checks should be processed in US ideally.

q2. Is there any service to deposit checks for you?

q2.2. If so, how much does it cost yearly? Ball park?

I’m living in Europe and have thought about starting a business with a us friend of mine. All business will take part in Europe and my friend lives in Florida. Are you saying that if we incorporate in Delaware neither one of us would face any taxes at all? And if so, would one need to open a us small business bank account in Delaware aswell or does that not matter at all. Ie: we would open a bank account with debit card in Florida or Delaware, it wouldnt matter?

you will have to pay taxes

Another somewhat unconventional method is to hire a U.S. management company for your website. We have done that on occaision, we take over management of a site or business but they maintain the ownership of everything.

NeoFlowers, did you buy the template of your “professional” website at TemplateMonster ?

I think so :slight_smile: