How to get a US Bank Account for non-US citizens from abroad?

I have heard so many say that they got their US bank accounts from outside the United States and did’nt even have a SSN number or US mailing address.

I in desperate need of a US bank account. If anyone can provide any information regarding this matter it will be greatly appreciated and also those of you who have already gotted US bank accounts from abroad please share your experience and how you got it.

Also do you know of any other similar Forum where I can ask this question other than

I don’t know who you heard it from but no respectable bank (especially FDIC insured) will give you an account without you being there in person. How would they verify you are who you say you are?

I certainly don’t think you’ll be able to get a bank account without some form of identification… just so happens we use drivers licenses and social security cards here.

BTW why do you need a US bank account?

My uncle has a bank account in the US and lives in Europe but I’m not sure of the details.

has anyone used valisinternational before? offer a US Dollar Bank Account.

I don’t know if you can call that a US Bank account (since the account is with Citibank UK) but it may suit your purpose.

buono, no, it’s not the same. The transit, auth codes, etc aren’t the same for international banks, so they literally mean a “US” bank account, one in the USA :frowning:

I suspect that SurfTurtle needs a US bank account because PayPal are too snotty to support credit cards from any country (ala WorldPay). I share his pain.

While I intend on trying Valis International, for now I use a great company called Paying Fast to pay out all of my affiliates. They support 43 countries or so, and can be reached at

Yes you guessed right, i desperately need a PayPal account. I have already applied for a US Ban account through Valis International and they will open an account for me at

I tried getting the account myself from thebancorp but they said I need someone(account holder) to refer me otherwise they won’t open the account. Thats why i had to go with Valis.

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BTW why do you need a US bank account?

Hey pal - money is money and any respecting American capitalist knows that - how do you think George W ended up in government?

I too need a US bank account- because without one this is what happens. Customer pays me in US$. $US gets converted to AU$. I have to pay my a large proportion of my expenses in US$. So a fair chunk of my money goes US$ -> AU$ -> US$ with all the transaction fees and losses in exchanging along the way.

I’m not ready to incorporate in the US yet - but that is the solution to my situation.

I heard through the grape vine that was the simplest US bank for an alien to open an account with - and I followed all the directions on their site - including filling in the relevant IR form and declaring that I was a citizen of Australia and thus privy to the reciprocal tax treaty, etc. However, they returned my initial depost, citing that the Patriot Act no longer restricts them from their previous procedures and practices.

I think if you are goint to pay the amount of money that Valis International wants to open an account, you might as well go the full hog and incorporate in Delaware.

I won’t touch PayPal with a barge pole. I know I lose business because of this stance - but I simply don’t trust them. I see no point in working to earn my money and then have it subject to the insecurities of a quassi-bank which can “suspend” my account and with-hold my money at any time. No thanks.

I could open a US$ account with a bank here in AU, but when I last enquired, the fees I was quoted made the idea of eating my own testicals seem quite rational in comparison.

So how do I get one without paying too much.

Dose anyone have any idea !!

Thank you all

I’m married to an American but we live in Canada. We will be going on the road full time in an RV and although I have a U.S. bank account in Canada, I can’t access it from the U.S. Go figure!

While in Ohio last week, we went to a U.S. bank to open an account. Everything seemed to go well. I got a phone call today saying that they are closing the account since I don’t have a social security number unless I can get a social security number in a week. Good luck!

I think we may be able to convince them to keep it open as my husband does have one and it is a joint account but I won’t be able to access it. What if something happens to him and I need money?

I don’t understand their problem. We’re putting money into their bank. Why is it such a problem?

Ms. Gussie

Since 9/11, US banks have become very particular about non-US citizens opening bank accounts.

It sounds like you have a Canadian bank account that holds US currency. And being a Canadian bank, you can not withdraw US funds through a bank machine, even in the US.

Contact your bank and see if they have a US affiliated bank. If they do, you should be able to open a US account in a US bank directly through them. The TD and Royal both have US affiliated banks.


Without bringing up too much controversy, it is actually against the law to request a social security number to have just a checking account unless it is an interest bearing account. Review for more information on this subject.

There is also an extensive thread here that you can read about a few options available to you.

now those account that valis helped to open was force to close already, due to non resident reasons, don’t waste your money and time.

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may be you could try, my friend opened one US account there, he is from Korea.

Sorry I cant help with details, but a friend of mine which lives in Canada, got a US bank account to use for trading stocks. He had to have a minimum $2000 initial deposit or something though.

the feds make crazy rules and keep the bankers on a short lease.

open a joint account, and use his ssn. In the meanwhile apply for a tin #… since you are married you will need it for taxes anyway unless you plan to file seperatly.