Twittad - any experiences

Hello all,

I have been browsing the web and I found this, Twittad, which claims to make money for people on twitter.

I recently have been using twitter and I find it useful and it seems to be working for me, eventually!

I’m somewhat scared into delving into this unknown and I was wondering if anybody out there had any experiences with Twittad. I have an awful feeling that it’s going to end up spamming my tweets with ads.

Any discussion would be welcomed.

I am also a bit interested to know about this. If you know more about this, please let us know.

:slight_smile: thought so

I alreay tried this one but I don’t have any earnings yet…try cloudcrowd :wink:

Any news on this program?

Hmmm, I have also уут that but never tried. Is that related to that some company pays you when you post smth about it?