Tweet Tweet

Any you crazy kids got Twitter?

I’ve never really been into it, but grabbed myself an account there for some giggles and seems to be alight. Also never seemed to notice that it has very great potential for bloggers etc,


I’ve followed #sitepointdotcom.

Only thing, seems to be a hell of a lot of bots that follow you, what’s all that about?

Check out this recent article by Craig Buckler.

See the statistics for bots? (There’s a lot of them)

Usually, bots follow people b/c it’s a paid service or b/c there’s a mutual exchange (I’ll follow you if you follow me). If you got it just for the heck of it (although it seems like you use it, simply by having your name in your signature), then there shouldn’t be a good reason for bots to follow you. Maybe you’re just popular!


Yeh the bots have always killed it for me, just annoying.

Overall though its actually quite good to promote, I moved into Twitter having some good success on Tumblr (I find them somewhat similar).

Well, hopefully the bots may be a thing of the past. Yesterday, Twitter filed a lawsuit where they are going after those who utilize spamming tools which tweet irrelevant marketing messages.

Sure, a bot-less Twitter may seem like a pipe dream, but at least they’re trying to do something about it.