Making Money From Twitter Fanpages

Hey guys, i’ve been looking at this method, for making money on twitter, by making a fanpage and using affiliate programs, has anyone tried this? Is it very effective?

Heres the method this guy was talking about that I read.

Actually I should also mention, do many affiliate programs allow you to use twitter? OR, more so, do you need a website to even sign up to an affiliate program.

Using an affiliate program on Twitter is generally putting the cart before the horse. You need to have something of value to draw enough attention that people want to follow you first, at that point monetization becomes a function of relevance. If you’re talking about personal finances you may be able to convert a small part of your follower circle to leads but only if provides value and comes across as authentically. The same is true for a brand selling products – sales and coupons get an order here and there but it’s really about finding a way to demonstrate value to get the individual interested enough to click to whatever you have next – which in the case of twitter is usually not some other website.

great info. Thank you.
It will be a new good marketing tools but I agree with Ted that Value is what matter the most but an eye catching design and provoking words will get people attention, only attention, not the sales. IMHO

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