Trying to research how to create a comparison script

Hey folks, I was told that this section was likely the best to place this in - I am entirely new here and I thank you all for first reading (and hopefully helping me) with this.

I dont know how to describe this however I am trying to create a site which in time will deal with a lot of things, guides, listings, retail, reviews within the gaming sector, it is to be a very specialized thing and I wish to include a comparison price check system which will provide live-prices of various retailers that distribute games and other merchandise.

I do not know for the life of me how to begin researching this or what the terms to search would be, and a little help from you guys would be appreciated!

Here is just one example of what I mean:

I would be trying to implement this sort of thing into Wordpress, and would love any sort of direction from you all <3

Thank you for reading, open to hearing any advice/questions.

If want to add this to WordPress, then you would need to create a plugin.It’s not too hard.
Now what the plugin should contain:
It should have the admin panel section , where you can add/remove retailers and their game prices.
it should have the ability to publicize the information.( based on MySQL tables ).
additional some simple comparison function that will compare the price of the retails and return the best result.
My suggestion: Start by reading guides on How-To add plugins to WordPress, then work your way with the script you want to add.
It’s really not complicated, I assure you.

If you need help with building the script, you can PM me.

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