Price Comparison script

Does anyone know how to go about creating a price comparison script similar to the one shown here? I’m not sure whether it would be javascript or mysql and php.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Most likey, PHP, judging from the file extension.

As for how it’s done, considering that neither of the source pages actually display a price anywhere, I’m thinking the prices were just added to the page manually.

As for actually doing it correctly, most likely Amazon’s API comes into play for amazon’s site, and for the other one, just parsing the HTML and storing the result in a database for quick retrieval.

Thanks very much for the feedback on this. Been out of action for a few days. I thought there was something much more technical behind it!

I don’t think any script is actually pulling prices from anywhere. For amazon it has 347.42 as the current price but if you click the link, it is out of stock and no price. The prices appear to be static .png’s placed there by the site owner.