Looking for price comparison shop script

I need a price comparison website where I can add deals from various sites. Please review exactly what I need and will be great if you suggest some good script that manage all below:

I am looking for script under $1000, this is the initial budget I have, if you know some script that is successful but bit costly, i dont mind going for that too.

  1. Import CSV’s/ Datafeeds and create pages.

  2. Ability to edit deals manually as SE’s need unique contents I will ask my writers to rewrite every descriptions and details.

  3. My future plan is integrating the shopping.com’s API, so the script should manage all together e.g. datafeeds/CSV’s/shopping.com or shopzila API as well as manually add/edit all.

I am getting older and thinking of creating some niche sites that become a earning source for me in 2 to 4 years, comparison shop is one of them.

I will appreciate if someone from board seriously advice me on this subject and help me to make my site live.

Thanks in advance.

Everything is easier, you can get the script for free and everything will be parsed already

(6000 merchants including shopping dot com)

see examples: http://www.datafeedfile.com/data_feed_file_examples.php

Another hotel comparison engine http://www.hotels.ecompared.com/
also free

But this is not the way to plan for future…
there is a better way but it will cost you double of your budget minimum

talk to me if interested

I have been looking for something like this . Thanks.

Hi dotbeyond,

Thanks for your reply. I did a search on datafeedfiles before but I am not sure if their system allows me to edit contents. i am more worried on duplicate contents part, and i have a team that rewrite every product descriptions individually.

Also, I have contacted them earlier but I have not received any reply from them.

I am definitely interested to chat with you as I like to have good start and can spend more, if I get a scalable solution that works in long term.

Have a look at Price Tapestry.

it’s good but cant manage shopping.com’s API together with datafeeds. Also it need lots of work if i add products from shopzilla :frowning:

Duplicate content? Common! You are doing the site for people, not for google. I have about 10 domains just sitting collecting dust showing ads and aggregated content. The most money are made by domain, which has been banned by google for few years now (2 of my domains were #1 and #2 on relative searches, it pissed someone off, they tried hard and sent me first nonsense offers to purchase my domains, then tried to invest into SEO. When all their strategies failed, someone reported me to Google and both domains were yanked from index. ((None of my other domains got caught-all were running the same script which i created myself)).

In your case, why would “duplicate content” would matter if you want people to buy stuff? If your business model won’t work , i’d blame “business model” and not Google.

Just think objectively:

  • what are you doing differently from anything that has been done before?
    when there are 1000s price comparison engines, why someone should choose yours? do you have better prices? (probably not- everyone feeds from same feeds)

I don’t think that running price comparison engine by itself could make you happy even if you found the way how to generate traffic. Someone has to buy damn products , right?

I am not trying to discourage you from trying, just adding my $0.02

Thanks a lot for your advice and concern, i do value your thoughts, still i like to go for the project. please analyze my reasons below.

Here i can’t take risks at this age, this is why i decided to go for bit more investment and hiring local guys who will write unique descriptions for each product. This way i save my domain.

No business on earth can survive if it is not backed by strong marketing efforts. I have seen in past people who sell ebooks earns a lot, even same ebook is sold by lot many people. I am talking about ebooks that comes with resale rights.

I will have handwritten original contents and my site will provide honest reviews, this will make me different from crowd as very few people invest in contents, most of them wants a site to be up as fast as they can.

I am also planning to contact sellers and ask them to provide me special coupons. If they see my site is valuable they will definately provide me or some may reject. But i will try to contact each and every seller personally.

You are 100% correct here. it’s my luck if no one buys. Still I have lots of earning possibilities, for example, I can add featured product or featured seller in return of some monthly remuneration. Still lot of possibilities can be explored once i am in business.

I always prefer to slog into market and think very less. Only 2 things can happens, either i fail or win, I will feel sad if fails, but will move on to other project untill i will find my niche…

Hope this helps: http://www.axisitp.com/products.php