"Try something like in this scan"

Have any of you ever worked with a client who sends you scans of how they think you should tweak the design of elements on a page? I am working with a client who has done this twice. Both of his ideas have been good, but it still bothers me when he did it because it felt like as a designer I should have been able to come up with it. I mean, when I client sends me a scan of how they want things to look, I feel like they are undermining my position. Just wondering if it’s happened to anyone else, and if so, how did you handle it?

If the suggestions make the site/design work better, why would there be a reason to complain? If the design is better because of those changes, you might want to offer a compliment instead.

Some folks would quite enjoy a client who has a good idea of what they want and is able to offer good, usable suggestions.

I would say that you are being insecure rather than them undermining. You are a designer, not a deity, no human has all the answers and to think that just because it’s your job you should know everything about everything is like demanding a scientist know everything about every medical condition ever to exist. Any person can be inspired or be creative, the key to being a designer isn’t having all the answers, it’s knowing what works, what doesn’t and being able to utilize that to produce something which will do the job it sets out too. Your client is obviously smart and helping you do your job better. :slight_smile:

Agreed with Alex. You work for them. Do what they want, unless you have a valid reason other than your ego and you can convince them otherwise.

I disagree… you don’t work FOR them, you should be working WITH them. It’s about combining their needs with your skills… not dictating or being a slave. :slight_smile:

When I hire a designer, they for FOR ME.They aren’t my slave, and they are working FOR ME at their own volition. But still, they work FOR ME and although I wish to get their input and expertise, ultimately it’s my project and they work FOR ME.

Great designers don’t have a problem with this because they are mature and understand the relationship clearly and are also confident in their skills enough to know that they will have input on the project.

Sure, we work together and I work ‘with’ them. But, per the contract and in reality I maintain control over it.

Billy I look at the site in your sig. I like your cranky tone and marketing message. I am a big fan of getting new clients by aggressively screening them and turning down work - we used to call that ‘reverse new business’ back in the 90’s. We’d tell potential clients things like, ‘maybe we aren’t the right vendor for you, we are too expensive and you may not see our value and be unhappy’. Or, ‘we are looking for a more organized project’, etc.

About 1 in 5 of those clients would come back a year or two later after getting nephewed and would be ready to pay more, participate more effectively, and do a better job as a client.

Very effective if you can manage to get yourself into that position!!

I have a lot to learn then. :slight_smile: For the longest time I’ve been doing design for my own projects, so as I do more and more work for clients I’ll have to let go of that ego and go with the flow a bit more.

I have a lot to learn then. For the longest time I’ve been doing design for my own projects, so as I do more and more work for clients I’ll have to let go of that ego and go with the flow a bit more.

That sounds like the right attitude. Be happy that you like the suggestions he made and that he is not suggesting blinking text and loud music. It would be more difficult for you to diplomatically explain why his ideas are bad. I have seen several threads asking what to do when the site owner insists on a design that incorporates ideas from the “never do” check lists.

If you are not doing just the design appearance, but the actual coding too, be sure he not going to continue suggesting tweaks after you have done a lot of coding when they will be more difficult to implement.