When I said design it that way I meant the other way, unless you did it the otherway!

Anyone else get the problem that you are asked to design something and you stick to the brand guidelines only to be told you should do something a bit different to move the design on as the brand guidelines are old.

So the next time you design something you push the design just a little bit forward and get told it doesn’t follow the brand guidelines. :roll_eyes:

But then they have something else designed externally and they don’t follow the brand guide lines and get told it is great :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welcome to the wonderful world of design and working with clients and bosses.
People who employ you because they don’t have the know-how do your job themselves, but are still very willing to tell you how to do it.


that sketch made me feel things. most of them not good.

hahaha that is so true it’s almost not funny. The poor expert is spot on, somehow you end up looking like the jerk when you are just trying to explain why something can’t or perhaps shouldn’t be done a certain way.

In writing or verbally? Were the requirements clearly defined, clear enough for a judge to understand?

A long while ago, but when I worked with my creative partner creating illustrations for publishers we were quite clear in our written terms and conditions how we would handle briefing.

If there were any mistakes on our part that didn’t fit the brief we would obviously fix them, if requests were made for small changes outside of the brief then we would normally make those changes at no extra cost. However if any significant changes were requested outside of the original brief then the client would receive a breakdown and quotation accordingly — that certainly helped.


If you think in that way, you are right in your way. So no comment! fighting!

That is how the big guys do contracts. If the USA government were to agree to a contract but then the government changes what they want then the contract is re-negotiated. That might be a way for a contractor to get more money. They bid low and get the contract but they know the government will make changes.

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It really puts you in a tough position. I know deep down you’re probbaly thinking a few things.

“This won’t work”
“We should keep it simple”
“This looks ugly”

You could offer your advice and change things for them. All you should do is when someone says design something follow it directly and say well that’s what you asked for…

Do or don’t always have someone complaining or changing the design “ideas” at the last minute.

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