Trouble starting a new thread

I just signed up for this forum and racked my brain, looking everywhere for a link to “start a new thread” and the only thing I was able to do is pick a random thread to leave my question. How exhausting and frustrating.

I guess you have to post ex-number of tiomes before they’ll let you start a thread? But it said in under my “privilages” that I was allowed to start a thread. I don’t understand what the point is in joining a forum if you don’t get to post your question. What other reason would someone join one, really?

Hi TheBrianmeister, welcome to the forums,

From a “forum” (not “thread”) page, look a bit down from the top on the left side. You should see a “new thread” button just above the list of existing threads in that forum.

A “forum, not a thread” page? You mean the “Forums” link up top, just to the right of Home, Products and Courses?

I’ve dealt with forums many times before. I just joined another one since I posted my question here and have already posted on it. I’m just saying that it’s obvious this one is quite difficult to find your way around.

I’m not the best to judge how difficult it is. I’ve had lots of experience and have been a member here for some time. SitePoint uses vBulletin which is a common forum app so I’m sure you’ll see it again.

The “new thread” buttons are in the same area as the “post reply” buttons. Because you mentioned “privilages” I’m guessing you used the one towards the bottom left just under the list of replies?

I can understand how it might be confusing as to why a forum page with a list of threads has “new thread” buttons while a thread page with a list of replies has a “post reply” buttons. Hopefully the attached screen captures help some.