How to start a thread?

can anybody tell me how to open a new thread?
i’m kind a stucked here :-/


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Go to the list of threads of the forum where you want to post and just above this list, on the right, you will find a link that reads “Forum Tools”. Click on it to display the menu and choose “Post a new thread”.

I am little wonder! if u have stucked to create a new thread then what you have created over here. after your login you access for creating a new thread.

The OP didn’t create this thread - he originally posted it in another thread, and Team Leader ScallioXTX moved the post into a new thread.
So, the questions is valid :slight_smile:

  • On the SITE POINT Forum Index -> (

  • Select the forum category that you wish / want to view and post.

  • In each forum category, you will see a list of forum topics / threads, each with a thread name and “icon”.


Thread name: “How to start a thread?”
Posted by: “Started by Bogner1‎, Dec 9, 2011 18:13”

  • To post your own forum topic / thread, press the “Post New Thread” button that’s above the list of threads.