Transpiller and Internet Explorer 8

Hello guys!! shortly begin a new project: a library will be used in any webpage!

I would use as transpiller BabelJS, but I have a big requirement not rilassabile: IE8!
Have any of you ever used Babel for projects that can be run on IE8 (So with ES <5)?
I read the page dedicated,,
but if possible, I’d rather have concrete experiences!

I accept alternatives to Babel that allow me to write “OOP” code, easily debuggabile and “IE8 friendly”

Thanks to all!

Babel compiles ES6 to ES5. ES5 support on IE8 is poor (make sure to click the “Show obsolete browsers” checkbox there).

If you have to support IE8, then you could (as the project’s homepage suggests) limit yourself to a subset of ES6 features, or try pollyfilling stuff, but to be honest, that quickly becomes more hassle than it’s worth.

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Thanks @Pullo for your answer!
You have other better alternatives to babelJs for writing “good code” compatible with ie8 (TS or coffeescript)?

[quote=“ale_grosselle, post:3, topic:202292, full:true”]You have other better alternatives to babelJs for writing “good code” compatible with ie8 (TS or coffeescript)?

First before considering alternatives, I’d test my code on IE8 to check that it does perform suitably well. If it works without problems, then alternatives become less of a problem.

If though there are a few issues, those specific problems can be investigated for solutions, which may include polyfills or shims.

Then later on when you go looking at alternatives, you’ll have a history of known issues that you can use to figure out of an alternative is any good for you or not.

But first, testing. That’s what it almost always comes down to, and is a step that is almost always avoided.

Hai @Paul_Wilkins,
For me is very dangerous to develop the project (using Babel eg), and then test into IE8.
Risks of losing time to develop code that can not be used because not working on ie…

To develop for ie8 I always used pure js (Vanilla), but for this project I want to try alternatives “meta programming” like: cofeescript, typescript, babel!

I wondered if anyone had ever experiences with these technologies and outdated browsers as IE8!

I must say that I admire places like the BBC that require web browsers to cut the mustard. That is, to be capable of a minimum level of ability. Instead of accepting any old stuff there’s a minimum capability requirement.

Cutting the mustard

The greater your need to accept troublesome browsers such as IE8, the more development time and trouble that you need to go through to ensure that things work right on them as well.

If someone wants you to develop with support for IE8, charge them extra for the additional time and trouble that it takes. Do not suffer the additional work for that type of development in silence.

CoffeeScript shouldn’t be a problem. I remember reading [citation needed] that it works all the way down to IE6.

IE8 and earlier do not understand JavaScript at all - they run a similar language called JScript. That is why there are the issues.

IE9 was the first version to support JavaScript and also the last to support JScript - and trying to support both in the same browser created its own problems.

To support both languages we needed to use a long deprecated mime type of ‘text/javascript’ instead of the correct ‘application/javascript’ - once you ignore JScript you can use the correct mime type for your JavaScript.

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