Why are you using a Javascript Transpiler?


I’m reading a lot about Coffescript, TypeScript, Dart, and something else.
But, I not really understand why your are using this.

As High skilled Javascript developper. I really need to know your reasons.

Can we talk about that ?

Some popular browsers don’t support the latest version of JavaScript and there were a number of syntax changes in the latest version that can’t be made to work on those browsers by using a polyfill.

A transpiler takes code written in the latest JavaScript and converts it back to an older version of JavaScript that the older browsers can understand. Once the old browsers are dumped and everyone uses newer browsers then those scripts will no longer need to be transpiled but can be run directly by the browser.

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People have personal preferences over coding style, some languages appeal to some more than others. I prefer CoffeeScript as I find it easier to read, it’s a simpler language with a more elegant/human syntax. Sam Stevenson does a good job explaining here:

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