Will you use TypeScript/Babel/any transpiler?

I’ve been studying on TypeScript since that’s what AngularJS 2 is built on. The more I learn about it, I’m becoming a TypeScript believer. Are you guys going to still stick with ES5 or convert to transpiler language like Babel or TypeScript?

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There is Coffeescript as well. I use basic JS with coffeescript. It makes writing JS quick and efficient, that’s the biggest advantage to using coffeescript, typescript or babel.

I’m a big fan of CoffeeScript but use es6 with Babel as well.

It doesn’t make sense to limit yourself to es5 these days, no reason to be left behind when you can use improvements in the language today with Babel.
Typescript is es6 + types as I understand it, definitely makes sense to adopt if you’re wanting to write Angular 2 apps.


Completely agree. I just can’t justify using straight up ES5 when there’s BABEL out that can transpile to ES6 or ES5. For me, I’m hooked onto the concept of Decorators in TypeScript and heard that it’ll be adapted in ES7.

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