Transferring username to Facebook Page?

I tried to add a username to my FB Page and this appears: “This username isn’t available. You can’t have the same username for both your Page and your profile”. Any suggestion on how I can switch the username from my profile to my Page?
Anny help will be appreciated

You might have to change your profile username first. That may require a submitted request. I contacted FB once about changing usernames in a similar situation and they were very accommodating, which was quite a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for your reply.
You contacted they by email? Phone?

Facebook allow user to convert personal account into facebook page. If your account profile is well reputed or it represent a business, there are many benefits to convert your personal account into facebook page. For example its help you to connect costumers.

Don’t remember, TBH, but I think it might have been through the FB interface — like a get help button or something similar.

I have same problem facing in my facebook page … so thanks useful tips … ralphm

You have chance to change your Facebook user name. But you have to wait for a certain period to change your user name again. So I suggest you to make a question to Facebook help desk for assistance. Thank you.