Transferring Ownership From 1and1 to Hostgator

Hi Everyone,

I am going to be taking over a friends website, he currently pays 1and1 a monthly fee for the domain name and the hosting package. I am now going to take it over, design it and manage it myself, but I use hostgator.

If I change the DNS on 1and1 and get them to point to my hostgator account does that mean he can close down his 1and1 account and I will have full control of the domain name?

By the way he does own the domain name of I have checked nominet.

Thanks for the help guys, I have only ever built new websites, have never transferred one from a monthly payment service company.

Strictly speaking, he doesn’t. It is registered to him until July next year, and the current registrar is 1&1.

He will either need to cancel his hosting package, but retain his account in order to renew the domain when it falls due, or transfer the domain to another registrar, which can be Hostgator or any other. If he does the latter he can, of course, close the 1&1 account.

Thank you for a swift response TechnoBear.

I understand now that he doesn’t own the domain name, it is just registered to him.

So I assume I would have to wait until the domain name expires with 1nd1 before I tell him to stop paying?

Also how would I go about transferring the domain name to hostgator so I have control over it?

Many Thanks


I haven’t looked at 1&1’sspecific packages, but usually the domain is registered for a year (or multiple years) at a time, paid in advance. In this case, the domain is registered until July 2018, so I imagine it’s been paid up until then, and it’s the hosting which is being billed monthly. (Please check that this is correct.)

You can transfer the domain at any time, and it’s much better not to wait until it’s close to expiry. domains have a TAG to indicate the registrar (currently, 1AND1). To tranfer the domain to another registrar, all you need to do is log in to the 1&1 account, and update the TAG. The new registrar will advise you what it should be. Generally, the easiest way to do this is when you create the new hosting account, and you can simply use the “transfer a domain” option.

You can’t use this method to change the registrant (your friend), so make sure you keep his details correct when you transfer the domain, to avoid any problems.

Ok thank you for this. I appreciate the in depth response.

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No problem. Glad I could help. I don’t expect you’ll run into any problems (I’ve always found the process pretty painless) but just shout if you further assistance.

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