Transferring Domain


I’ve got myself all confused with transferring over my partners site to a different host! Ill try to explain the best I can.

We had our hosting account and domain through Justhost (

We stopped the hosting with JustHost and moved to 1and1 - (not the best choice ever!!!)

Account is created at 1and1 ( and website is moved over.

Here is the problem…

The bluebelle-beauty (justhost) is redirecting to beautyatbluebelle (1and1), is this best practise? I dont even want the beautyatbluebelle domain it just came with the package - all our clients are aware of the old website address and all our marketing is based around this one. This is also top in google searches.

How am I best to sort this out?


Of course not. JustHost will stop as soon as your account runs out. Go to the registrar for your domain and update the pointers to 1&1. Better yet, find a good host and transfer there now as, once you redirect, you’ll not be allowed to redirect again for 60 days (at least I had that problem in the past).



Thanks for the reply DK - I dont think I have made myself clear above. I have already pointed my domain to 1AND1 from Justhost. My hosting is now with 1and1 for 12 months.

The problem I am having is the Justhost domain I want as my main domain but all it is doing is redirecting to the 1and1 domain


Okay, I’m still confused. Are you leaving any domains active at JustHost? Which domain was the account’s main domain (typically, all “add-on” domains are subdomains of the main domain)? The answers to these questions are critical.

If the old domain is owned by JustHost (typical of “free domains”), they may not be willing to release it to you for use at another host. For the remainder of that account’s life, you’ll need to use a redirection (at JustHost) to 301 redirect to the new domain at 1&1.

# Redirect all requests to the new domain at 1&1
Redirect 301 /

Obviously, it becomes much more complicated if there are other domains involved (and if you’ve CLOSED the JustHost account).



Your domain came with the hosting package of Justhost.

Did you transfer your domain also to 1-and-1?
It appears that you bought hosting from 1-and-1 but your domain is still with Justhost. If so then please transfer domain also.
Good luck is registered until 20th December 2012, according to the WhoIs. (It appears to be registered through JustHost, rather than to JustHost.) You should therefore be able to log into the account for the domain name at JustHost and change the nameservers to point to the new hosting account at 1 and 1.

The DNS name server change should do the trick. Make sure the old account (hosting) is fully closed and all deleted.

But ONLY after three days so the DNS records around the world get updated first!