Tracking downloads and displaying counts on page


I’m not sure if it’s php that can do this, sorry if it is not.

I’m not sure if there is a plugin for this or if it has a name but what I am looking to create is to be able to have a page with things you can download i.e free books…

But I also need a way to track the downloads and display them on that page.

So basically it’s like a page hit count but tracking downloads.

Is there a name for this? A plugin for this? Or will I have to hire someone to write it for me providing it’s not in google codes or something


could you please ellaborate it bit more
plugin for what?
plugin are not native to php…rather world plugin is used in scripts like wordpress,joomla and all
so bit confused…
are you trying to find whole script?

sorry, I’m a wordpress user and I was referring to that.

Only, I doubt that there is a plugin for this, hence why I put it in php section.

So, I am after the script as you say that will do this, or a general point into the right direction :slight_smile:

I do customize wordpress…but these plugins are not used by me
but give it a try ,i think it will help

Ahh brilliant! Many thanks!!