Track download numbers


I am looking to produce e-books and give them away for free via download.

I am looking to display that number on my home page. E-books will be about 2mb -5mb and will be on single pages/posts throughout my site…

Most likely will be about 70-100 books on as many pages…

Would it be tricky to keep track of the amount of downloads and display it on my homepage?

Any general advice on how I would start this?


Do you record details about each ebook in a database? If so then add a field for the number of times downloaded and each time a book is downloaded, increment the “time downloaded” by 1 with an UPDATE query.

The display of the number of downloads would then just be using SELECT query to get the number of times downloaded and fetching the number into a variable then displaying wherever needed.


Thanks for the reply.

I have to say that my php knowledge = 0

So, I am not really sure what my options are here about creating this.

Just making sure it was possible and if possible, hard or easy :slight_smile: