Tracking Clicks?

Hello all,

Just a quick question for everyone out there… do you trust your ad provider to be accurate in their click reporting, or do you use another piece of software to determine if clicks are taking place or not?

I ask because I recently started running Statcounter on my site, and as people who use it know, on the exit links you can see what people clicked outbound. What I do not get is why people dismiss these numbers out of hand.

I mean, yes, I understand StatTracker has potentially no concept of bots, and some clicks will be dismissed out of hand, but for the most part you can click into the details of someone that clicked an ad and see if it was real or not. Part that gets me is, I see ad clicks from North America, where the person spent 10-20 minutes on the site, using Windows 7/Chrome and viewed a dozen or so pages, but the click never seems to get acknowledged by google, even as a 0$ click, even 24-48 hours later. I am starting to have some serious trust issues here, or am questioning if something simply isn’t configured correctly.

Is there a reliable click tracker any of you use, or are we literally at Google’s whim if they decide they want to acknowledge it or not?

personally I trust google and to be frank with you there is nothing you can do about it. adsense pays the highest per click
let’s say you found out google is cheating you, there is no way you can make them to pay you extra money. they will tell you we go with our stats not yours so you leave google for other networks and in most cases you will make less money