Statcounter dot com or not?

When looking for an alternative to Google Analytics, I found a recommendation for StatCounter.

Is it good?

Is it totally safe?

StatCounter has an excellent reputation, so far as I know.

Thanks Ralph.

Yes… StatCounter is pretty safe and it is one of the good options that can help you to do better analysis of your website.

What don’t you like at Google Analytics?

What I don’t like (with my site visitor hat on, rather than site owner) is the horrible latency that it can add to a site, stalling page loads for several seconds. Sites that don’t use GA often feel much quicker and more responsive as a result.

I never managed to make it work properly, nor did I find a proper “manual” about how to set it to your needs. All that I have found are snippets between lots of stuff that doesn’t interest me. To me, it’s similar to Photoshop; great software but dreadful user support.

What do you mean by “work properly”? You basically just paste some simple code into your pages and you’re good to go.

When I set up for GA, I pasted the code into my site ( think it was in the index header, though not sure ).
All “data” I ever got, was a statistic that my site had had 3 hits with 100% bounce rate. I deleted the code in one of my clean up rounds, and can’t find on Google how to re-instate it. I’m sure it’s there somewhere, but I hate the way Google has set up the explanation for site owners. It could be me, but on the various occasions that I went through the info in the webmasters section, I clicked on page after page without finding the answer to my question.

Google has a pretty extensive support system for their analytics, check here: Where can I find my tracking code from within my Google Analytics account? - Analytics Help

Stat counter is also good but not great as Google’s Analytic because analytic provides you insight stats which any other platform doesnot

Any specifics you know of?