Totally Newbie. ¿Were can I learn the basis about WordPress?

Hi all.

I’m discovering WP world and there are so many blogs and online courses, but I couldn’t find the one for totally newbies like me.

I have mi shop and want to make a website, and I want to do it myself with WP.

¿Anyone can tell me were can I learn WordPress from the beginning? without getting into advanced concepts that confuses me.


Hi, @sebastopolys. Have you tried the WordPress documentation yet?

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Hi sebastopolys welcome to the forum

IMHO, the best way to learn is to install a localhost server on your computer (packaged servers like WAMP, XAMPP, etc. are easy even if not the best setup). Then install WordPress into the localhost server. Then spend time with the ACP pages and write some test posts. Before long you should know enough to have a site even if you never get into anything more complicated than writing posts.

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