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If you already consider website design, development, content, and SEO as the parameters of success on the web, then it’s the right time to start giving attention to your website’s loading time.

With improvements in web page development, the average user likes visiting and navigating websites at a faster pace. There is always a risk of losing your customer if your website is lagging behind by even a few seconds.

Here are some statistics, according to one source, that show the importance of fast loading pages:

  • 8% of potential buyers cite extremely slow loading web pages as the primary reason for abandoning their purchase.
  • Over 75% of online customers opted for a competitor’s site instead of suffering inordinate delays at peak traffic time.
  • If page load time is 3 seconds or more, 57% of your website visitors will abandon your page.
  • 75% of users exit within 4 seconds.
  • When compared to business websites that load in 1 second, websites that load in 3 seconds experience a 50% higher bounce rate, 22% fewer page views, and, most significantly, 22% fewer conversions.

Even, Google made an announcement in 2010 stating the importance of page loading time in search engine results (SERP).

With that in mind, let’s look at some tools to enable you to check your website’s loading time and performance. But before moving further I have listed some parameters you should consider while selecting an ideal testing tool for your website’s performance.

How do you select a tool?

Selecting the best tool to evaluate your website’s performance is the key. The tool should have at least 3 of the features described below. This will give you a real picture of how things stack up in terms of performance.

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there are lots of tools available, but 2-3 are worthy…i prefer google page speed, pingdom, webpagetest.
it is harder to achieve score above 95%…


Would be very glad to have your feedback about Hoping to join the list!

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I had great results with GTMetrix. Since it combines Page Speed and YSlow, it gave me two metrics to shoot for and plenty of advice to improve page performance. In under 2 hours, I raised my grades from F to A-/B level.

There’s a graph of my site’s transformation and timeline on a related blog comment.

it is harder to achieve score above 95%

Challenge accepted and achieved - :slight_smile:

Site uses CodeIgniter version 3.0

Great mention @DareBoost. looks amazing with some great features for monitoring performance of a website.

thanks! @adtech2014
Feel free to contact us for a demo account if you’d like to make a review :slight_smile:

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