New: Page Speed Tool from Google!

Hello Forum members,

Today, I have found a brilliant, awesome tool from Google! It is called Page Speed Online tool. This tool is absolutely FREE and it analyzes any website for its speed and gives suggestions on how to improve it.

Page load Time is one of the most important factor for a website to rank in Google search engines. And with the help of this tool you can find whether you webpage is loading faster and how to improve it to make it faster!

Now go and play with this page speed tool @ Page Speed Online

This is The Tool i was Looking For a Long Time, Thanks for Sharing It… Seems Quite Useful for Determine Page Loading Time of a Particular Page…

Thanks for the share…you can get a similar addon in firefox. Its called page speed. But it will only work if you have firebug installed.

thats great.

i personally find FireBug firefox extension lot easier to use.

Whilst I agree fast page speed response time enhance the user experience and google has said it does include page speed load times in its ranking algorithm, according to the public face of google, it certainly IS NOT one of the most important factors.

Content and relevance are quoted as the most important factors for ranking.

Page speed load times is said by google’s public face to be of minor relevance, say where two competing websites are equal on all the main ranking parameters, or where page speed load times are excessively slow.

For reference, see what google’s public face has to say about page speed and the part it plays in ranking:

YouTube - GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel
YouTube - GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel
YouTube - GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel
YouTube - GoogleWebmasterHelp’s Channel

Page speed is a bigger factor than we probably think. Larry Page is a speed freak. He keeps track of time in milliseconds.

here is a more comprehensive page speed tool:

Not according to the official advice from Google themselves.

“we still put much more weight on factors like relevance, topicality, reputation, value-add, etc. — all the factors that you probably think about all the time. Compared to those signals, site speed will carry much less weight.”

Quotes- Google incorporating site speed in search rankings

I’ll take any help going, a nip here and a tuck there and it should all add up :@)

Thanks, I used to use some other website for my website speed test, but the Google Speed Tool is much better, I like it.