TMD Hosting?

Hello everyone,

I found a new hosting company call TMD Hosting. They offer unlimited hosting just for $4.95

My point of attraction is they support wordpress mu and buddypress on that. They also do free setup or site transfer.

I searched the forum but could not find anything about them. Can anyone review them or provide information about them?

Is it worth going to them? else please suggest hosting for my wordpress mu/buddypress sites

Thanks in advance

There site says they offer unlimited traffic but they have a small bandwith allowance. I had my site canceled by them for too much bandwith with only a few visitors a day. I do not host pictures or videos that use a lot. Bill

They do not offer unlimited hosting. As soon as reach a very small bandwith level they suspend your account.

Most of the specialities described by you are also so common with other hosts also except the unlimited features. I don’t have any experience with them. But true unlimited is a dream any way. If you expand your search you may be able to find some reviews on them.

Once suggestion …Never trust a host giving unlimited space and bandwidth such hosting solution will not be a long lasting solution for you.

They offer unlimited hosting just for $4.95

Make sure they are not offering unlimited space and bandwidth. If they are - they simply lie to you as unlimited space and bandwidth are impossible for the web hosting at all.

I not just speaking about unlimted !

Do see that I’m speaking about Hosting Wordpress MU & Buddypress :slight_smile:

While you are talking about hosting and wordpress, the unlimited offer they suggest is pretty much fraudalent. I personally think proclaiming unlimited resources on the web should be made criminal because its giving the customer unreal expectations of what they should get for their money. As previous posters have said, you want to avoid using any host which gives such an offer because you don’t know what other restrictions you may be getting as part of the “package”. While you probably want to hear reviews about them your best bet is to simply avoid them on the premise that they are trying to scam for customers in the first place. :slight_smile:

I am a customer of TMD and they’ve been excellent so far. I took their package for my Wordpress MU site. When I was signing up I had a couple of problems with the amount that was being charged, I was paying for a year but got an additional $8.99 added to the checkout in error.

I contacted them on live support and someone went through it with me in about 10 minutes and got my invoice set up correctly. No problems at all and excellent support.

They also quote that they’ll install MU for you and any WordPress plugins. I told the girl in live chat that I’d like them to set it up for me and she said she’d get someone from tech support to do it. 5 minutes later I got an email to say it had all been done! They were true to their word and had installed everything for me to get started.

I’ve had a nother problem with the billing this month as another $8.99 was taken from my PayPal account. I told this was an error as I’d paid for a year up front and I was refunded within the hour. Apart from this billing gripe the service has been excellent so far and I have no worries about them at all.

I have a reseller account at Hostgator and an account at Clook. But are very good too.

I’ve had accounts at One & one and Godaddy which were poor by comparison.

If you are looking for a good hosting, you should go with the established ones. For me, I have been using bluehost for myself and to those for my clients with no problems.

How many users do you have? How many active blogs?

TMDhosting sounds great, but there’s no where I can find who is really behind this hosting. No management team profiles.

btw, I know a Japanese user community of wordpress using BuddyPress on (gs) with 350 members. I don’t know how much GPU they’re using, but as long as you don’t host many blogs, having many users could be affordable even with grid server.

I found a new hosting company call TMD Hosting. They offer unlimited hosting just for $4.95

You might not plan to use that in full but someone on the same server might want to have as much as possible and that will be not really good for you to have such neighbor

Not always impress with hosts that offers unlimited stuff… even if you’re not after that, that simply suggest that they’re not always true to what they say. So its up to you if you still want to host with them.

TMD hosting is terrible hosting EVER. we moved our site from Godaddy to TMD, and as was said unlimited space was one of the reasons. After one month i noticed, that we have 0 visitors, and that never happened before. So i checked site and guess what? It was CLOSED by TMD for bandwidth!!! And without any notification. When we called for support, there was only one indian guy from sales department and NO technical support at all. We moved to Bluehost - and happy . DO NOT TRUST TMD HOSTING!

Well I guess that sums it up then. However every “unlimited” host including BlueHost will eventually close your account if you use too much bandwidth. I would imagine that Bluehost would allow you to use more than you need so it’s not a problem.

i tried their services.
not bad, and the server uptimes 100%(the year i use)

  1. As you said the hosting is new, it will be difficult to find reviews.
  2. 2 features, whcih you are looking for, are very common and available with almost all LINUX hosts.

You have to concentrate on fast servers and prompt qualified support as well.

Good Luck

Actually, I think the company has been around for a couple of years now.