Title Description Not Updating

In the title tag of my webpage I’ve got a new slogan and it just won’t update in Internet Explorer or Firefox. I’ve changed the text and I can’t seem to figure what the problem is. Does it have anything to do with Google caching my page and simply taking a long time to update or am I missing something? I made a new page and put a fresh title in the title tag and it works just fine. But when I update all my old pages, they still show the old, offensive slogan which I’d like to get rid of.

New Title Description

Old Title Description

It take some time to update on server

I’m talking about the results in Google. But I have since removed the files and uploaded new PHP pages with an updated title so the problem has been fixed. Thanks for your replies everyone.

It takes time for search engines to reindex a page and Google is the quickest one. It depends on a few factors but it may take from few hours to few weeks before Google will update your data for all data centers.

Are you talking about the results in Google, or the webpage you gave above that has just been uploaded via FTP or both matters, etc?

In either case make sure you correctly refresh/clear the cache in your browser (sounds like you are seeing a ‘cached version’ instead of the newly uploaded file).

For example in Firefox to force a proper Reload and clear immediate page cache; Ctrl+F5

Also it might not help with you having two files called ‘index’ make sure your server is setup to either use the: ‘index.html’ or ‘index.php’ as the ‘default index page’ so that it doesn’t get confused (with preference) and pick the other/wrong; ‘index.*’ file “first”.

I checked the page source and it shows the old code. No clue what’s going on.