Google Crawling Titles

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how long it may take
for Search Engines like Google to crawl updated <title> tag keywords
in an HTML document?

When someone searched keywords of a title tag are they suppose to crawl them

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Hi Csosa,

Usually, Google takes week or two to visit site again. So if you have updated titles, then you have to wait.

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If I update a page or add a new one, I usually request a crawl with the “Fetch as Google” tool in GWT. It usually gets indexed with the new content pretty fast.


You can see whan Google last crawled your site as well as which pages are actually indexed in Google Webmaster Tools.

That depends on the site and how often it is generally updated. If new content is added frequently, then Google will visit frequently.


we can fetch link for just crawling in google webmaster instead of waiting one-two week for google crawling.

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