Tips on learning Photoshop

how could i learn Photoshop well?

Buy photoshop - buy a book on photoshop - read the book and try the examples as you go.
You can also check out tutorials on the internet.


Well that was easy.

Buy the Photoshop WOW! Book by Linnea Dayton & Jack Davis. It gives lots of detailed examples.

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It depends how you learn, there are heaps of online tutorials through various websites. Otherwise you can just go to YouTube and search for various tutorials and ‘how to’s’

I know that I learn through seeing, so a book wouldn’t be great!


dude the best way to learn is from just jumping in the driver seat and taking control of what you learn. like me i learned by searching youtube and also just messing around and playing with all the tools in ps. that wat you should do. and just saying you dont have to buy photoshop just look it up for free download. lol hope this helped.
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you should download Adobe photoshop Videos from youtube and Dailymotion and implement on your software. Thanks,

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  1. Try to understand “THE ELEMENTS OF DESIGN” –> Light & Dark , Color , Composition , Theory etc.
  2. Photoshop Layer concept.
  3. Learn how using photoshop tool.
  4. Do your workshop.


Photoshop is one of those things you can only learn by doing - both by tutorials but most importantly by experimentation. Remember that it is a very large piece of software and so it will take a will to learn well. In fact, even with Photoshop experts there is always a new technique to learn. The most important thing is to play with it, have some fun and you will build knowledge of how it behaves and what bits do what over time. Be patient and try to have fun. After you can use it a bit, I like the couple of free videos on that describe how to to burn and highlight images to make them pop and how to make realistic looking shadows.

Below are some links for learning Photoshop:

No doubt adobe photoshop is the de facto conventional for professional picture adjustment and picture development. Anyhow, Photoshop’s Pen Tool plays a vital role in this regard. So, we should be have strong command on this tool to editing photo very well.

You can get some ideas how to do various things with Photo shop on this web page -
I personally prefer it to learn the regular updates of photo shop tools.