Recommend a book to learn Photoshop


I’m kind of new at this. I understand Photoshop is the tool of choice for creating web graphics, mastheads, wireframes… Can anyone please recommend a book / tutorial which will help me get up to speed on these aspects of PS. The books I have checked out seem to be more about the “photoshoping” side of image manipulation, color theory,etc… rather than web graphics, text, and web design.


You will get good tutorials if you search in google for photoshop tutorials download read and practice, because practice makes perfect…

I started with the Photoshop 7 Complete Course book by Seybold (required for a class, but it was a pretty good book despite the obscure publisher). I’m sure they have books for more recent versions. The last section in the book goes into detail for exporting for Print and Web.

Another Photoshop book that seems more geared toward web design is Sitepoint’s Photoshop Anthology which there is another open thread on:

Most Photoshop books will have a small section at the end for exporting to web or how to use ImageReady or Fireworks along with PS to streamline the web design process, but they won’t teach you the basics of web design (html, css, layouts, wireframes, prototyping, etc.).

If u can then subscribe to

They are providing online video tutorials.

plenty of sites out there m8 saves you some cash at least as they are free

Scott Kelby’s books are rather good, try those. Or Martin Evening too

It took me a long time to, fully understand, Photoshop. Although I wish I had of started to watch some of the tutorials, earlier rather then later. Programs like Photoshop, it has to really sink-in (for me anyhow) to tackle any task without scratching your head mid-way though the task, since there are a lot of things that come down to technique, it’s not that it’s difficult to use the magic selection tool, it’s using it with other tools to create something that is visually, attractive.

Many of the previous post are correct… There are TONS of tutorial sites out there. When in doubt, just Google it. I do have a few good books to help starters, that I have even used for some things. Here they are:

Adobe Photoshop CS3 How-To’s 100 Essential Techniques - Great starter book. There is one for CS4 as well.
How to Cheat In Photoshop CS3 - A really fun book. Comes with a CD/DVD to follow along with the “lessons.”
How To Wow: Photoshop CS3 Photography - Another fun book like above.

Hope this helps!