Learning Photoshop CS4

Hi all,

I have basic knowledge of CS4, however I really want to get into the latest methods of designing images for the Web (Web 2.0 style etc).

Would this book be a good start - http://www.amazon.com/Photoshop-Digital-Classroom-Jennifer-Smith/dp/0470410906/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1269621465&sr=1-1

Thanks for any advice.


There are lots of good Photoshop books, and that’s probably another. However, I find many of these books don’t focus on the kinds of things you want to do on the web. So you might like to consider this:

Also, there are millions of great tutorials online for specific tasks. For example, Google something like “creat web backgrounds in Photoshop” or “web 2 buttons in Photoshop” and you’ll get lots of good guidance.

For web2.0 stuff I would recommend “Photoshop wow” it has tons of lessons on effects, bevels, drop shadows, ect.


If you are cheap like me you can buy an older version with almost all the same stuff for dirt cheap but you will miss a few of the newer tools and lessons.

Thank you for the information , I am also learning some photo-shop but i am not a designer, Since I am developer , i have to do some small work using photoshop

I would agree with Zippers, the “WOW” books are pretty good for getting going fast, I had one for illustrator and it was so good I gave it to a friend once I was done with it because it will help them get going fast :slight_smile:

I like those because because they get you practicing off the bat and you make cool things and remember them quickly.

try those free tutorials online to learn photoshop. there are a ton of demonstration videos online. that is how i learned to use it other than trial and error… and believe me, you will have those trial and error days!

Another good book to look at is the Classroom In A Book by Adobe http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-Photoshop-CS4-Classroom-Book/dp/032157379X . It’s not specifically about web design, although it does cover web graphics but it is very thorough and what you learn can be applied in any kind of design work. I use the classroom in a book series as a resource for all of the classes. They’re really good.

all the best