This page has been blocked from tracking your location

Whenever i find my website ranking on google by using my targeted keyword, at that time give following error message:
This page has been blocked from tracking your location”.

First of tell me " Why it show and how to fix them"?

Isn’t that a browser setting, i.e. “private” or “incognito” mode?

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But this message shown when i can search with my targeted keyword.
For example, I’m finding with this ios app development company keyword then it show error. but if I can search any other like best mobile app development company at that time it doesn’t show an error message.

I don’t think it’s an error, but more like information.
The browser is telling you that the site (in this case Google) is trying to track your location, but the browser has blocked it from doing that, presumably according to your browser preferences.
So I would not be concerned by this, not unless you want Google to know your location, in which case you would use a different browser mode from “incognito” and/or alter your preferences.


I just tried “private tab” with iPad Safari. I did not get that message, but on the bottom saw “using IP location”.

I guess it could be considered an invasion of privacy, if there is such a thing as privacy these days. It could also be considered a service.

For example, if I lived in New York and wanted to find a local basmati supplier, I wouldn’t be interested in retailers located in San Francisco or Miami, but Newark would be OK

Because you are concerned about this message in relation to SEO, this is something you may actually want. If you are interested in getting a very rough idea of how the results might be positioned for a “world set” of results as opposed to a “local set” of results, not letting Google know your location might make a difference. Of course if Google knows your search history any result positions will likely be skewed based on your past known preferences.

IMHO, doing searches with the assumption that other searchers will see the same positioning is a faulty assumption. The good news is that after ensuring that a page can be found you can focus attention on more important things like making site improvements that increase conversion.


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