Sitepoint server went down?

Got an internal server error message which restricted the forum use (not sitepoint website in general - was able to go to the articles and what not) for about 20 minutes. Are you guys aware of it?

When was this? I’ve been in and out of the forums for a couple hours now…

Same here, off and on for about two hours with no notice of that.

Approximately 40 minutes ago, with it coming back 20 minutes ago.

It’s entirely possible I myself simply missed that, then. None of the posts I made are in that window, and obviously I can’t recall times I was browsing. Wonder what happened?

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t miss it. The server was definitively down. That was around 2-2,5 hours ago aprox.

That’s strange. I’ve been on Sitepoint constantly since 7:00AM Eastern (it’s 9:20 now), so that fits Molonas timeframe and it wasn’t down for me… It was an hour ago it came back for me (based on post times) so it was off at 8:20AM…guess it’s not just one isolated incident.

I don’t remember the exact time but I know the approximate time because today we had our Christmas drink (the company I work in as a contractor invites for a drink to everyone… at that started like 2 hours ago… I know it didn’t happen too long before that so I give take or leave another 30 min… max 1 hour more.

I’m not long in from a walk. I went out about an hour ago, and before that, I was around fairly constantly for around 3 hours and didn’t notice anything amiss.

With a server disconnect, and it only lasted about 20 minutes, it may have been something as simple as a network contingency switch (outside of SPs domain) didn’t kick in when it needed to.

This might also explain why some experienced the outage and others did not; it only affected a certain section of connections.

Just a thought.


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For me it was for only a few seconds… then I could use the website as usual :slight_smile: Still, it would good that @Hawk knows about this.

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Oh well - that might have been while I was answering the door to the post lady.

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