The role of navigation in web design

We often come across websites that are navigated with some sort of difficulty. On the other hand we see sites that are easily navigated. I just want to know the effect of navigation on web page popularity. Any suggestions?

Poorly structured navigation / information architecture is bad for usability, which is likely to affect popularity, so it’s certainly an important issue.

Navigation should be clear and simple to use to access information quickly, if it is difficult to use the user won’t hang around.

Navigation is one of the important element in web designing. If it does not sounds good - then one’s business is not in the path of the need.

Every website must be designed more of user friendly. If a site id going to have a number of pages - the visitors who enters your website must know where they come from. They must not be confused while navigating your website pages. So it is important for every website to keep a well organized and consistent navigation path.