Importance of Website Layout in SEO

Hello friends ,

Is there anyone who can explain me the importance of the WEBSITE layout in SEO :rolleyes: . I have read somewhere that even website’s layout , navigation and even positioning of section plays an Important role in Optimizing a website. Pls explain the concept here in the forum … thanks.

It may have a small effect. It’s sometimes said that the more important info should be higher up in the HTML, but I suspect it has a minor influence on SEO if any.

The visual presentation and layout of your site will have little or no impact on SEO. Search engines care about content (including structural elements like headings, tables, sections etc), site navigation, inbound links … but as to what the site looks like? Not a bit of it.

its the part of On page optimization if the navigation of the website is user friendly and the content is well organized it will surely get traffic and it will result in good traffic and will improve ranking and positioning of your website :slight_smile:

m i right moderators ?

I suspect you are overrating navigation’s effect on SEO a bit. :slight_smile:

Website layout play a major role… It impacts your conversion, bounce rate and hence rankings.

A user friendly layout attracts more visitors. For instance, you have a website with bad layout… Somehow, you managed to get the rankings, as soon visitor lands on your website its design and navigation strucutre will influence the time he wants to spend on your website.

While I agree completely with you, it’s not strictly a SEO issue.

Surely any new visitor wouldn’t be aware of your layout before entering the page?

While I don’t disagree that a good website layout and design is important, it isn’t anything to do with SEO.

SEO is about maximising the number of good prospects that click through to your site from search engines – and the two parts to that are getting your site high up in the results pages, and presenting it in a way that encourages people to click on it. What happens elsewhere, while really important to your business plan, is not SEO. It may be online marketing, offline marketing, design, usability, structure and process, whatever, but it isn’t SEO.

I completely agree that website layout is NOT a part of SEO but it impacts your web rankings.

As far as visitor is concerned, he definitely does not know about your layout, but if you have good layout other people might spread a word of mouth about your website.

At the recent Pubcon conference, Google mentioned that they are looking into penalizing sites with an ad heavy layout above the fold which obscures or distracts from your content, so it is possible that site layout could become more important in the near future.